Provide The Best Quality Of Packaging To Your Clients With Edge Crush Tester

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Edge Crush Tester-Digital -ECTWhen it comes to packaging, it is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best level of safety of the products that are present inside a packaging. The packaging industries need to ensure that they provide the best quality of the packaging materials to their clients so that they could safely and efficiently package their products. For this, the manufacturers of the packaging materials need to test the quality of the materials they products with the help of proper quality testing procedures and testing instruments. Edge crush strength of a packaging box is a major indicator of its quality and strength. The manufacturers need to perform the Edge Crush Test for Corrugated Boards.

The edge crush tester is an advanced testing instrument that is offered by presto and is used in most of the packaging industries for the evaluation of the strength of the corrugated boxes. The equipment has a digital monitoring and operating system that allows the user to control the test procedure with accuracy. The instrument has a high capacity of exerting a testing force on the test specimen which makes it applicable to different types of the test specimen. To perform the test in a better way, the instrument is also provided with a special fixture to perform the test. The instrument can also be used for performing the ring and flat crush test as well.

The machine complies with all the international quality standards and hence ensures the most accurate test analysis of various packaging materials in industries. Visit: for more information on the product.

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