Quality Check Of Polymer Using Melt Flow Index Tester

Quality Check Of Polymer Using Melt Flow Index Tester
Polymers have a great impact on our daily life due to its performance, resistance to adverse climate and molded to various shapes and size. Some of the Polymers such as Polyethylene are used widely in making plastic bags and film wraps. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), another form of the polymer are used in pipes, flooring, credit cards etc. Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer has its usage in CD cases, cabinets, packaging and plastic cutlery, Teflon used in making cooking appliances, non-stick kitchen utensils, nylon used in fabrics and textiles and so on. To attain profit and brand image, a high quality polymer is used, so an effective polymer test can help manufacturers to grade the polymer substance according to its melt flow properties. Melt flow index tester is a tool to test the flow rate of molten plastics.
Melt flow index test (MFI), well known by another name as melt flow rate test (MFR) is the best method for grading polymer materials. Melt flow index test calculates the quality and properties of polymers as per industry standards. For example, to evaluate the quality plastics used in kids toys, a manufacturer examining the nature of plastic material under fixed moulding criteria will require testing MFI index, tensile strength etc. The test helps to determine the exact time, extrusion response time or behaviour and the temperature at which the polymer material will melt.
The molten polymer is extruded by a capillary die at a specific temperature and pressure. The specimen is loaded in the heated barrel with a piston. Weight is exerted on the piston to apply pressure. The specimen is collected when accurate flow conditions are fulfilled. The specimen is weighed and further used to measure the MFI value i.e. the weight in gm/10 min at a temperature of 230°C, pressure and weight applied. 
The need to perform melt flow testing is to check the quality of input materials, index value to verify domestic material, compare fresh materials for product development set up, estimate flow properties, grading tool for new suppliers and assessment of polymer behaviour that goes through various processing methods.
Presto Melt flow index tester is an efficient tool designed and created to evaluate flow properties of plastics in their granular form. The well-known instrument complies with IS 10810-1984, ASTM D 1238-1992, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963. The features are digital preset timer for repeatability and accuracy, automatic and manual sample cutting, chip based PID controller, die steel barrel for consistent heating of test cylinder. Available in another model i.e. melt flow next generation with a touchscreen facility.

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