Quality IZOD and Charpy Machine for Impact Testing

Quality IZOD and Charpy Machine for Impact Testing

To study the toughness of material impact test plays an important role. With material’s toughness, we mean the feature of a material that absorbs the energy to get deformed. It can be seen that the brittle materials have low toughness factors. The temperature can vary the value of impact for every product. Generally, the impact energy of a material decreases with the decrease in temperature.

There are two types of tests to measure the impact value of a material that is IZOD impact test and the Charpy impact test. Both the tests work on the same principle yet work on different notches. Many industries use either of the test methods to analyze the material strength. These tests evaluate the amount of energy required or absorbed by the specimen when a weighted pendulum or hammer hits them. The calculated energy explains the measure of the toughness of the specimen. Both the testing machines work on the pendulum principle.

While explaining both the test machine, here is how they work. The IZOD test method follows the V-notch where the specimen is held in the vertical position. In this test method, the hammer or pendulum strikes the specimen at the upper tip. On the other hand, the Charpy test method follows both U-notch and V-notch with horizontal positioning of the specimen. In this test method, the hammer strikes the specimen at the point of the notch but in the opposite direction. The notch direction in the Charpy Test is positioned away from the striker.

Various industries have different requirements to measure the impact value of their products. Therefore, to fulfill the different needs of our customers, Presto Stantest is the best in providing the finest quality IZOD Impact Testing Machine and Charpy Impact Testing Machine. With the aid of ultra-modern technology, these machines are manufactured using fine-grade materials.

These testing instruments by Presto are in great demand for determining the impact resistance of materials and providing the precise result value. Moreover, these impact testing machines are available at competitive rates to our valuable customers with many hi-tech features like these machines are robust in design, and give an unmatched performance. Moreover, these testing machines need very little maintenance.

To know more in detail about the IZOD and Charpy Impact Tester, their features, applications, and benefits for your business requirement, connect with us. We are available at +91-9210 903 903. Or mail us your query at info@prestogroup.com.


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