Raw Polymer Testing -Top 3 Test Processes

Raw Polymer Testing -Top 3 Test Processes

Whether in raw form or end product, polymer testing is conducted at every stage of manufacturing. When a manufacturer procures raw material, it becomes imperative for the quality check department to assure if the supplied material is as per specifications or not. There are different tests performed to check the different properties of the material. In this post, we are going to share some techniques to test the polymer in raw form. This helps in taking appropriate measures at right time to avoid suffering loss due to defective mass production.  

Testing of Granulated Plastic
Melt Flow Rate – The viscosity of the material is very important for the extrusion process. To measure that, international standards organisations have defined testing standards. According to which, the granulated plastic is heated to a temperature where they start changing their state. The plastic starts to flow. The weight of plastic is measured that have flown for 10 minutes. Since the whole process is standardised, a smart melt flow index tester is required. This instrument comprises of a heating barrel to melt the plastic, a die having defined dimensions from where molten plastic is extruded. Apart from these, dead weights are used to apply the pressure on the granules. The weight to be applied depends on the type of the polymer. 
Ash Content Analysis – In this test, the granules are heated to a point where organic component start turning into fumes. The sample will not remain in direct contact with the heat or fire. The test is performed in a Muffle furnace whose temperature is raised to burn down the sample completely. The difference in weight of the sample before and after the test is a percentage of ash content. 





Moisture Analysis – Granulated polymer has the tendency to absorb the moisture from the surroundings. A few decades back, there were no effective means to check the moisture content in the granules. The process was to weigh the sample, heat it and then weigh again. As the whole process was controlled by a human, there were huge errors in the test results. After heating up of granules, when the sample is being taken for measurement, it again absorbs the moisture from the air. Thus, a need for the smart device was felt. Moisture analyser is the instrument that fulfils the need of the quality manager. It is a one-stop instrument that weighs, dries and measures the moisture content. The operator just has to put the sample in the instrument and after few minutes of processing, the moisture content percentage is displayed on the screen. 
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