Relation Between Tensile Strength and Quality of Material

Relation Between Tensile Strength and Quality of Material

We often try to relate the strength of the material with its quality. More the strength of the material, better is the quality. This is true to some extent, but not always. Having the appropriate strength is equivalent to good quality. Some materials have high strength but brittle nature, such materials cannot be used for high-pressure applications. Also, it is very important that material should have appropriate strength as per the requirement of the application. Some applications require products to break after the application of a certain amount of stress. 

Irrespective of the industry, the quality of the materials is categorised by various factors like hardness, brittleness, etc. and they are directly or indirectly having some relation with the strength. Some materials are capable of bearing very high pressure and at one point they don’t bend or deform, they simple break. On the other hand, some materials bear less pressure and after certain point they start to bend or deform but don’t break. Depending upon the application of the material, the strength of the material and its breaking properties are assessed. Tensile Strength Tester is used widely to ascertain the properties of the materials like rubber, metal, plastic, etc. 
Take the example of tear seams. We want these seams to have enough strength to hold the airbag appropriately. Also, we want them to tear to let the airbag inflate when there is a collision. In this case, if the material chosen has very high strength, it won’t allow the airbag to inflate.
Similar is the case of flexible packing. We don’t want plastic pouches to burst, but we want them to get torn conveniently for the opening. If the material has high strength, it would become difficult for the consumer to tear it using his hand.
Using the Tensile Strength tester, the material can be tested for its appropriate strength. As per the requirement of the application, the properties of the material can be altered. This machine gives a very detailed report of the application of pressure on the sample. 
Features :
Capacity:  250 Kg
Least Count: 0.1 Kgf (100 grams)
Motor: ¼ HP Single Phase 220 / 110 VAC Supply
Speed: 100 mm/min and 200 mm/min (Changeable through Belt & Pulley mechanism)
Display: Digital (LED)
Accuracy: ± 2% at Full Load (with master load)
Grip to Grip separation: Min 25mm and Max. 700mm

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