Remove Corrosion from Metal Products Conducting Salt Spray Test

Remove Corrosion from Metal Products Conducting Salt Spray Test

Corrosion on the metal surface is due to deterioration by chemical processes. It is vital to prevent corrosion as it causes damage both economically and safety related damages associated with the process.

Corrosion Testing Chambers – Need of the Hour
Whether you are new to corrosion testing or have been performing such tests for years, Salt spray chambers are user friendly chambers which can be easily maintained. It provides accuracy and flexibility to satisfy testing procedures including salt spray test. The machine creates three types of adjustment in an environment that can be done manually i.e. salt spray, high humidity and air drying at any given temperature inside the chamber. Any combination of this environment is programmed in any order to form a corrosion cycle. These corrosion cycles are repeated in a pre-set number of times. In laboratories, corrosion tests are used to select materials and for their surface protection.

Corrosion Test chambers are needed to predict the corrosion resistance of paints and coatings which is designed and created to meet the industry standards. The chamber’s temperature ranges from ambient to 60°C. Temperature is controlled by inbuilt PID temperature controller. The air regulator gives the load of 0 to 30 psi with test pressure ranging from 0.7kg/cm2 to 1.7 kg/cm2. Various models of the chamber are Korrox 250, Korrox 450 and Korrox 1000. It provides optional accessories that is online pH meter, Table top pH meter, Humidity indicator and sensor stand alone.

Facts & Features of Salt Spray Chambers:

Salt Spray Machine has added innovative features.

  • Lock function which blocks remote operation at the time of onsite operation to stop unsynchronised commands. At the ON mode, the VNC server permits remote monitoring but does not allow remote operation.
  • 10 preset timers to monitor sample timings.
  • HMI fonts can be interchanged between English to Hindi for the convenience of the user to access database and operate easily using the Hindi language.
  • Ethernet connectivity to connect with other devices that use LAN and internet. It also provides the facility to connect any computer or other electronic devices to its network until the device has an Ethernet adapter or network card.
  • Built in VNC server that gives remote monitoring and operating of HMI functions through VNC Client App (Android, Windows etc.)
  • Web monitoring to give direct monitoring of register data through the web-page. It requires no additional installation of software.
  • Automatic alarm notification emails to logged-in recipients when an alarm occurs and helps the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to assure safe data transmission.


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