Role of Heat Sealer in acquiring Standardized Seal Strength

Role of Heat Sealer in acquiring Standardized Seal Strength

Packaging is an integral part of every industry. Before dispatching the product for sale, every product is packed securely to avoid any damage during transit and storage. Even for large goods, packing is done to the maximum extent. Flexible packing is popularly used for small goods in different industries. Wafers, flour, candies, microphones, candles, paper clips, etc. are some common examples where flexible packing is used. This is the form of primary packaging and remains in direct contact with the product. Thus, the properties of packing should not react with the content packed inside. To make a safe and secure flexible packing, it becomes mandatory to perform certain tests, so that it does not fail when subjected to real working conditions. One such testing condition is the Heat Seal Test, it is conducted on packaging films to evaluate the seal strength they offer when heat sealed. This sort of inspection is done using an accurate Heat Sealer. In this section, we will tell our readers about the role of this testing device in ensuring a good quality seal.

Whether you’re sealing small quantities of standard pouches, or large masses of bigger, oversized bags, a sealer is a perfect way to make sure your packaging best protects your products and presents your brand in the best light. Once you receive your shipment of pouches from your packaging supplier, your team can get the ball rolling by stuffing your bags full of your amazing products and using the appropriate sealer to package them with care. Other than this, the device is also used to conduct a comparison testing module in some packaging material testing labs. The films or material used for sealing, are tested for its performance while sealed at high temperature. And the best performing product is further chosen.

Heat sealers are used for mending two sides of film together to form an airtight seal. It is a form of paper and packaging testing instrument. The sealer uses heat to melt and mend materials forming a seal. A variety of materials can be used with the device.


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