Role of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Precise Quality Assurance

Role of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Precise Quality Assurance

PET Bottle has always been the preferred mode of packaging for every industry. It is widely utilized in distinct production verticals for filling up beverages like juices, carbonated drinks, soda, medicines, and other chemicals or maybe medicines. Also, their unique property of being recycled makes them beneficial for increasing the shelf life of products. The reason behind the increasing demand for PET bottles is their light weight and the non-reactive nature of its material towards any form of chemicals. As with time they have captured a huge market of the packaging industry, it has become equally important for the manufacturers to keep a close look over the quality assurance section. In this blog section, we will throw some light on the role of Hot wire bottle cutter in maintaining high-quality of PET bottle production.  

Quality assurance of PET Bottles
As per the increasing demand of customer for PET Bottle Packaging, it becomes the prime responsibility of the manufacturer to conduct a standardized quality assurance prior delivering the product to the market. The testing method must cover the evaluation of the quality and strength of bottles. This can be performed using efficient machinery and most important, those which are standardized by related authorities. 
Let us come to one of the common issue experienced in the PET industry, especially in the time of bottle filling line - Misbalancing of the bottles.
This happens when the bottle doesn’t comprise of equal material distribution over the entire body. With some part of it having extra and some having less material. To avoid such issues or any sort of related damage to the bottle, it is necessary to analyse the weight of every section of the bottle using section weight analysis method.
Section Weight Analysis
The weight of each section of the bottle can be analysed by cutting the body into three equal sections and evaluating the weight of each part separately. The separate weight calculated can be then compared with the standard measurements provided. To perform the procedure, PET bottle cutting instruments are used that can easily and precisely cut the bottle into different sections namely, TOP, CYLINDER, and BOTTOM.
Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the primary choice of the manufacturer in PET industries to test the strength of the bottles easily.
It is a user-friendly and cost-effective device that allows quick slicing of PET bottles and the best thing of the instrument is that it provides the provision of smooth bottle cutting without deforming the edges of the sections of bottles. It is a highly standardized device which is designed as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities to ensure the accuracy of the test results. 

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