Role of Salt Fog Test in Metal Quality Testing

Role of Salt Fog Test in Metal Quality Testing
In the manufacturing industry, to generate a zero-defect product consistently is a very tough thing to achieve. To keep the production as per customer’s demand, one has to invest a large amount of research and implementation of quality testing techniques. There are new and advanced testing machinery in the market, which help the manufacturer in investigating the defects in the product and generate high-quality material. For industries whose major material is metal, testing the resistance of the same for corrosion is of high importance. Also, while choosing raw material metal from distinct suppliers a comparison testing also holds necessity. It is very important to understand and detect the problems which are impacting the production quality.
These quality tests are always important. Maybe sometimes the manufacturers feel that there is no major changes or appearance of the final product is fine and he has no need to check the quality of materials. But you never know what slight defect can make your product vulnerable to a corrosive environment. With long passing years, the metal products start getting old and produce faults in its performance.
These type of negligence may deliver higher loss in business eventually. It can bring fall in your brand reputation as well. With decreasing number of customers, your product sales will also drop.

Presto brings you an effective method for testing metal components, raw material or final product for its resistance towards corrosion, Salt Spray Chamber.

It imitates the real-life corrosion weathering conditions inside a triple walled chamber. One can easily test the sample in the salt fog created inside and can visually inspect the results.
You can also compare the test results be observing the time duration. You need to see within how much time period of the test, your products star corroding. If one material is failing the test after 10 hours and other is crossing 50 hrs test then you can choose the one which survived the longest.

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