Scratch or Rub Resistance of Labels on Packages

Scratch or Rub Resistance of Labels on Packages

Industry Concern:

In the print and packaging industry, legibility of labels is very important. Exterior surface of Packages carries crucial information, like handling instruction, consumption and composition, maintenance instruction, storage, etc. This Data is Commonly printed on the labels and may get destroyed due to friction during transit conditions. It not only degrades the appearance of the packing but also may erase some important message which a manufacturer wants to convey to its customer. 
Testing Solution:
To enhance the quality, first, you should know the resistance capacity of your labels. How would it behave in delibrated real working situations? Scuff Resistance Tester simulates the real-time abrasion movements in an accelerated manner. The more number of rotation a lable can survive, the more is the quality of the product. The method can utilized for comparing your current printing quality to that of past printing process. Also, the test method can be utlized for conducting quality assessment in labels. If your labels are maintaining its quality after 500 rotations, you may take required improvement measures, so that it can survive up to 700 rotations. You may restructure your printing method or may utilize the plastic film for a protective layer.
Product Features: 
  • Motorised Weight arrangement on the plunger for noise-free working
  • Gain Higher accuracy in the test results with uniform load application and a standard diameter.
  • Uniform load by weights on the test sample for evenness in testing
  • Provision of a Set number of counts through Digital Pre-set Counter
  • The firm hold of the test specimen by circular clips/clamps
  • Motorised Geared system used for ensuring zero noise while scuff movement
  • Digital counters up to 9999 counts
  • Get precision based results under uniform load and rubbing clamp during the test.
Test Standards Followed:
ASTM F2497-05 - Standard Practice for Abrasion and Scuff Resistance of Inkjet Media by the Sutherland Rub Tester
BS 3110:1959 - Methods for measuring the rub resistance of the print


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