Seal Integrity Tester and its Role in Ensuring Quality Packaging

Seal Integrity Tester and its Role in Ensuring Quality Packaging

Seal integrity is one of the most important aspects of any of the packaging materials that are used in industries. The packages used for different products need to be of best quality and strength so that they could bear the pressure and the forces exerted on them during the process of manufacturing or transit. The seal of the packages plays an important role here in ensuring the integrity of the packaging product. The manufacturers need to test the integrity of the seals with the help of proper testing techniques. In this blog section, we will share details on the seal integrity tester which is known to be the best instruments that are used in the packaging industries to ensure the seal strength of the packages.

Seal integrity testing tools for pouches and plastic bags are capable of calculating the amount of compression load applied on which the seal will fail. The instrument used for the same is loaded with highly advanced features that allow the users to test the accurate strength of the seals and also their integrity while under external forces.

Presto brings a new generation Seal Integrity Tester which applies the compressive buckling on the specimen and the testing data is recorded in digital format for easy assessment. The LCD touchscreen display offers a high-end sophisticated readout with Auto Tare (ZERO) set facility and Peak hold arrangement. The sample needs to be placed in between the jaws while testing.

The instrument can be used for conducting the test at a wide range of force of up to 50 Kgf. It offers a high accuracy of +/-1%. The area of the grips is 200mm*200 mm, which is best for a slippage free grip for the samples. Near to zero operator attention required to conduct the test on the sample. It offers a range of variable loads exerted on the sample which increases the applicability of the instrument for a wide range of testing samples. The operation of the instrument is pneumatically controlled. The instrument has dual operation modes that are hand operated and foot paddle which can be designed as per the requirements of the customers. The control panel of the instrument is completely touch screen which offers easy control of the testing parameters for best accuracy of the test results.

With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers of different packaging materials can easily test the seal integrity of a wide range of packaging materials that are used further in different industries.


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