Seal The Packets Efficiently To Avoid Wastage Of Products

Seal The Packets Efficiently To Avoid Wastage Of Products

 Sealing the packets too tightly or too loose depends on the sealing of the packets done by manufacturers. Let’s take an example, you are sitting in front of the TV enjoying an evening with a nice packet of chips in your hand expecting it to open smoothly peel apart. A lot of strength is put on the bag to open but could not open and suddenly opens up with all the contents showered at you. The bag is sealed tightly with making your evening bad. It also may happen that when you open the bag it opens easily but the contents inside are stale as the air gets into it. Either way, the customer becomes unhappy and pays less respect to the brand of chips.

The seal sometimes open apart under various pressure conditions. For example, if the packets are transported in an aircraft or at high altitude areas. As the vehicle climbs higher, the air pressure drops. It causes the bags of the products to expand. As the bags are not sealed tightly, the seal breaks and the air gets into it making the products to stale.Lab Heat Sealer determines the sealing parameters of film, laminated films, coated paper and various flexible materials. It the best machine to test the freshness of the product as the freshness of the product can be judged from the seal of the packets.

A layman can understand that anything that bonds the two sheets is the accurate machine. For an industry specialist, a lot of things matter before investing in this instrument for flexible packaging. Sealing adheres to two principles. One is plastic is to be melted to such a point that it forms a uniform load to make a seal. Second, a sealant is there on one side of the material to be joined together.
Sealing temperature: A user should know at what temperature range the machine works. The thickness of packaging material defines the temperature range for sealing. So, it is important to select a testing instrument having a wide temperature range.
Dwell time: It is the time taken by heating elements to stay together to make the bond. It is important for manufacturing units to consider this factor as a slight difference of a second can inverse the output of packets by a great number. If a heat sealer machine calculates the travelling time of jaws in addition to the time for which heating contacts stick together.
Sealing pressure: Laboratory heat sealer applies temperature and pressure both to avoid leakages in the seal. An important factor to keep the contents fresh, else the product can have leaked seals with less strength of bursting. So, appropriate pressure must be applied to the heating contact.
All the points mentioned above help in investing in the right machine. A good heat sealer machine provides strong peel able seals that can bear with actual conditions.


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