Sealing Packets With Heat Sealer To Prevent Spoilage

Sealing Packets With Heat Sealer To Prevent Spoilage

Manufacturers of beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products often use paper or plastic sealed films. These packets are developed from flexible films made of either polypropylene or polyethylene that protects food from getting spoiled. A broken seal can affect the quality of food in it, creating a musty smell and complete spoilage. Other than food eateries many other industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry also need quality sealing of films. These sealed packets need to be transported to longer distances, and they need to go through all the weather conditions like moisture, rain, humidity, heat.

A Heat sealing Machine is a perfect instrument for sealing these flexible films. It uses the method of sealing by applying pressure in presence of certain high temperature. There are flat horizontal heating clamps that in presence of pressure seals the flexible plastic film. For every film the sealing time is different which depends on the material of the film.
Presto Heat Sealer is a sealing device functions at some specific temperature. A specimen is placed in between the clamps. The machinery has two upper and lower clamps which are heated. The clamps are heated to specific temperature, and pressure is applied to seal the packet. It is available in two dimensions (150 mm*15 mm and 300 mm*15 mm) which can be modified as per customers need. Both the clamps can be separately heated to different temperature and even one can be kept switch off while other on heating. There are distinct digital display meters for both heaters. The time can be preset for the sealing process. Ambient temperature for sealing is kept at 230°C and sealing pressure can be at 2-6 bars.
The machine complies with the international standard ASTM F 2029.  It comprises of EN 31 stiff jaws for sealing without any slippage. PID temperature and pneumatic pressure controls make it reliable for repeatable functioning. It can give multiple sealing patterns as straight line, plain or diamond knurled (as favorable). With the salient features of pressure application, digital timer and all in one button press makes the device efficient. Packets sealed with the device are reliable and can withstand the weather conditions of humidity and precipitation.

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