Sterilizing Objects With Hot Air Oven

Sterilizing Objects With Hot Air Oven
Originally invented by Pasteur, hot air oven is an electrical instrument that uses dry heat to sterilize. The heat operation ranges from 50°C to 300°C. The need for Hot air oven in the present scenario is tremendous in manufacturing, rubber, pharmaceutical laboratories, and plastics. Working is purely based on the thermostat to manage the temperature. Dry heat sterilization is applied to an instrument that is not wet. It cannot be implemented on a substance that melts, catches fire or changes its form after its exposure to high temperature. Moist heat sterilization is the method that uses water to boil objects or high-pressure steam to sterilize.
Hot air oven sterilizes objects such as glassware (test tubes, flasks, and pipettes), metal instruments (blades, scissors), powders (sulfadiazine, starch, zinc oxide), materials that have oil and glass test tubes.
The components used for the dry heat sterilization in Hot air oven are:
  • Shelves
  • A fan
  • Temperature sensor
  • A chamber that is insulated covered by an outer case consisting of electric heaters
  • Thermocouples
  • Door Locks
Method to use Hot air oven is as follows:
  • Things that are to be sterilized are covered or sealed in containers of aluminium or paper
  • The objects are organized in such a way that there is an uninterrupted air supply
  • The oven is heated in advance for those objects that are bad conductors of heat.
  • The temperature is reduced to 40°C before removal of the sterilized object.
The pros of the equipment are that the treatment eliminates bacterial endotoxin, other treatments are unable to do this. Dry heat sterilization method leaves no chemical residue. All objects are not suitable for wet sterilization. A safe metal instrument with dry sterilization as metal rusts when wet sterilization is conducted. Thermostat based control for heat management. Proper insulation for the safety of equipment surfaces. Digitally controlled interface to control heat.
The double wall insulator maintains heat and energy. It has an area of air to support isolation. Uniform distribution of heat is done by a fan. Adjustable wire shelves, an on/off switch with indicators as well as temperature control and maintenance time. Hot air oven can have various capacities.
Presto Hot air oven is based upon on the principle of air convection. It works on the forced air circulation principle in which hot air elevates and rises to the top within the chamber, cools down due to the fan and comes down to the base of the chamber. The instrument are used to test compression set, heat deformation, heat resistance in industries like plastic, paper, rubber etc. The instrument is needed to test the effect of high temperature on several kinds of objects, for example, metal, plastics, rubber, textiles etc. Presto offers reliable and time tested instrument. 


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