Store Sensitive Samples in the Best Cold Storage Device

Store Sensitive Samples in the Best Cold Storage Device

Store Sensitive Samples in the Best Cold Storage Device

Good storage practices of biological materials is a vital component of any laboratory. Biological samples deteriorate over time when it is stored at room temperature. The storage temperature for a given biological sample changes which depends on the type of biological material, the solution in which it is suspended in, sample’ s usage and how long the material is to be retained. Various common storage temperatures are available in the market such as ultra-low freezer, cryogenic freezer storage etc.

Ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT) typically have a temperature range of 0◦C to -60◦C. They are used to store drugs, bacteria, chemicals, tissue samples etc. Various designs of Ultra low temperature freezers having varying sizes that depends on how much storage is required and the available footprint space. An upright ULT freezer permits easy access, individual adjustable interior compartments and fast cooling after opening.

A chest ULT freezer provides safe and long-term storage for lesser-used items. There are other varieties of ULT freezers such as table-top and under bench ULT freezers. It has detachable racks that can be used to store both freezer boxes and large items. Looking for good temperature control in fluctuating voltage conditions. Extreme ambient temperature and a range of temperature controls from simple manual settings to remote electronic monitoring with alarm systems.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers is an acceptable and beneficial instrument for various industries where sample are stored for a long time. They effectively attribute to the mechanical behavior of the polymers and rubbers. The test method starts before the manufacturing process to check the quality of plastic goods. The CFC free refrigerators and air cooled compressor provide a constant flow and efficient cooling in the chamber. It consists of air cooled condensers with high capacity and washable condense filter for high capacity cooling. The fans of the condenser give a dust free environment and maintain cooling in a proper manner.

Uses of ULT freezers are:

  • To store medical and blood samples. These freezers are different from other freezers as they do not maintain constant temperatures but these devices can be set at a different temperature as per the test requirement.
  • It helps to store medicines to resist them from spoilage. These freezers are also called as medical refrigerators that stores stem cells of the newly born baby for many years to prevent them from diseases in future.
  • ULT freezers enhance the life of injections and vaccines.

If you are purchasing such freezers, you can go for multiple options. You will earn a lot of advantages if you buy such devices from a reputed manufacturer.

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