Tear strength tester-Advanced tool to take fabric tear strength test

Tear strength tester-Advanced tool to take fabric tear strength test

The tear strength of fabrics plays an important role in the fabric industry. By improving the tear strength of the fabric, you can easily win the hearts of your customers. Thus, you can make use of a tear strength tester from Presto Testing Instruments to determine the fabric’s tear strength. We at Presto will provide you with an array of testing instruments at the best prices. This tool is available at Presto and is carefully designed by keeping all manufacturing standards in mind. Here you will read about the tear strength testing machine and how it can be useful in improving your fabric quality.

Fabric is a material that is used in most industries. Thus, you need to make sure that the fabric or its related material will be of high quality. It is important to check the tear strength of fabrics as this material is prone to get damaged by having cuts or coming in contact with a sharp object.

To take a tear strength test of fabrics you can easily rely on a Presto tear strength tester. This testing instrument not only is helpful in the textile industry but can be used in other industries as well. The test will be taken under specific conditions when the tearing force is applied to the specimen. You can easily be able to evaluate the tear resistance of fabric with the help of this testing equipment.

It is important to determine how the fabric can easily withstand the tearing force. This will make it easy for the customers to get a quality product. The higher will be the tearing resistance of the fabric, the high will be its quality. Therefore, you can easily take the tearing strength test with the help of this testing instrument designed by skilled experts at Presto.

The tear strength tester is made as per ASTM standards which will also be used to determine the elongation or tensile strength of the material. If you are working in the textile industry then this testing instrument is worth buying. There are various factors that affect the strength of fabrics. So, let us read it below.

Factors that affect the strength of fabrics

There are many factors that will affect the strength of fabrics. Thus to ease your understanding, we have created a list of those factors below.

  • GSM of fabric tops the list as it is highly responsive to determine the tear strength.
  • The strength of yarn will also be considered as a factor that affects its tear strength.
  • Quality of threads used to create a fabric.’
  • A number of times the fabric will get knitted.

These are all factors that will affect the strength of fabrics. Thus, you can easily take a tear strength test of fabrics by using our testing instrument.

We guarantee you that you will get accurate test results. So, grab the best deal on the testing instruments by consulting us. There are many reasons that indicate you can easily rely on us to determine the tear strength of fabrics. The first and foremost reason is that the testing equipment we design for our customers is compiled with all industry standards. We are authorized manufacturers and suppliers of testing instruments and do not compromise in quality. The instrument manufactured by our experts will be very useful in evaluating the quality of your materials. Whether you are working in a packaging industry or in the textile industry, we have several set of testing instruments that works better for your industry needs and help to improve your product quality with effective testing procedures.


In this blog, we have mentioned detailed information about tear strength tester designed by experts at Presto. Now, you have the idea about the use of this testing instrument to determine the tear strength of fabrics. You can easily place your order for this testing instrument by mailing us or by directly calling us. We will be there to assist you.

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