Temperature Humidity Tester for Quality Control

Temperature Humidity Tester for Quality Control

Quality control procedures always had an important place in the manufacturing industry. Any product prior to its use must be tested for its remaining flaws or defects. The quality analysis has been vital because of increasing demand for long durable and resistant materials from customers. The changing world now wants their products to be resistant to weathering condition such as moisture, humidity, direct heat, sunlight, dust etc. Chamber-like Humidity/Conditioning Chamber is used to conduct quality control testing on the material as humid conditions and modifying temperatures are the main causes of material degradation.

Humid conditions and temperature modifications are responsible for destroying the material’s quality. For instances corrosion in ferrous material, varying temperature causes crack generation and what not. These issues can cause material loss, unwanted interference in the production process and reducing quality and falling market reputation. The use of humidity chamber is considered to be ideal when precision based testing required.
The chamber has a digital based control area which is equipped with a digital display screen for humidity and temperature monitoring. It has feather soft buttons for operation and set time, temperature and relative humidity for a specified test process. German Imported, a high-speed air circulation fan installed in the chamber. This fan is responsible for maintaining the efficiency of inside condition by stirring the heat and humidity uniformly. A separate time totalizer is there to calculate the total time taken for a complete test duration. Also, a digital-based pre-set timer is equipped for setting the time period required for a test cycle.
The chamber is specially designed to check the real working behaviour of the material under extreme humidity and temperature conditions. It helps the manufacturer to detect the modification in their material’s physical properties when they are exposed to a long duration of humidity and temperature changes. They can check how their products behave in such conditions and till what duration they will sustain the environment and do not fail to perform. The chamber is following global testing standards including ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, and BS950 Part-1(D65). For accurate sensing of temperature changes, PT-100 sensors are equipped in the machine. For ensuring safety, the chamber allows an alarm system which makes a buzzing sound when the test is completed.

All the time the temperature and humidity are maintained at a uniform level as a disturbance in the conditions can cause changes in the accuracy of the test results. PUF insulation throughout the chamber ensures zero heat loss and highly efficient test.


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