How Tensile Strength can be Used for Analyzing the Quality of Silicone Compounds?

Tensile Strength

Silicone compounds are widely used in industries for various applications. The compounds of silicone have both the features of the organic and inorganic materials. This makes them ideal for use in different industries such as cosmetics, textiles, and several others. The features such as flame retardancy, highly heat and cold resistance, excellent electrical properties make them usable for a wide variety of applications. In addition to that, the silicone products need to be stronger enough to withstand the forces that may occur to them while they are being used in industries. The strength of the silicone products and compounds is determined with the help of tensile testing procedure conducted on a tensile testing machine.

The tensile testing procedure is conducted on the materials by applying a tensile force to the materials. The material is extended with the help of the tensile forces which eventually breaks the material. The machine on which the test is conducted that is tensile testing machine has the arrangement to record the amount of force applied at the time of breakage and also the amount of the elongation that occurred in the sample during breaking.

The tensile strength of the silicone compounds is greatly dependent on the factors such as the composition of the compound and the manufacturing process of the material. The temperature also has a great role in defining the tensile strength of the silicone products. The tensile strength is decreased with the increase in the temperature whereas the tensile strength increases with the decrease in the temperature.

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