Test Impact Resistance Strength of Plastic Films

Test Impact Resistance Strength of Plastic Films

The food packaging industry is growing on a daily basis. Plastic films are a popular choice for food packaging purpose. Plastic films provide safety over conventional materials for food packaging. It is less receptive to contamination along with pilferage. The shelf life of food products becomes longer. Plastic film is light weight and it is easy to print information on it.

Some of the application of plastic films are:

  • Aerospace
  • Forensics applications
  • Artificial Turf
  • Automotive applications for plastic films
  • Baking and chocolate
  • Arts and crafts applications for plastic film and sheets
  • Book and document archival film
  • Printing on plastic films and sheets
  • Laser fabrication etc.

There are several features and properties of plastics that determine their quality like molecular elasticity. It identifies the impact strength of a polymer material. This particular feature is vital in evaluating the stiffness of the product that explains the strength of the plastic to bear the force applied on the surface. The plastic films are used to satisfy the packaging requirements of products. At the time of transport or handling the films are prone to wear and tear. It is important to perform a standard test method to compute the impact resistance strength of the plastic films using Dart Impact tester.

To identify the effect of free falling on plastic films and laminates. Dart impact test is performed. The test includes dart falling in the test sample under controlled conditions. The test is popular among industries where plastic pouches, laminates and other plastic packing are manufactured. The test helps to determine the durability and strength of plastic films and other allied products.

Film testing equipment is used to perform the test. To perform the test, a sample is prepared according to standard. This will ensure uniformity and accuracy in the test result. The sample is prepared to adhere to standards such as ASTM D-1709-15a, ASTM- D 3029-82a, IS -2508-1984.

Method to prepare the test sample are:

  • In the area of the impact, the thickness of the sample is approximate 0.002mm
  • Multiple thickness measurements of the sample for accurate measurements
  • Calculate the means of each value and note the thickness of the sample
  • With multiple thickness recordings, a high level of accuracy can be attained
  • A sample clamping ring on which specimen can extend to at least 25mm on all sides. The sample is the cut out from the lot whose quality parameters are under test
  • Clamp the sample on the ring holder
  • Connect the 6mm pneumatic pipe of the vacuum pump to ensure tight holding of the sample without any slippage of the sample with the impact of the dart


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