Test Metal Properties in a Controlled Environment

Test Metal Properties in a Controlled Environment

Metal is the most renowned form of raw material utilized in several industries. But there are two sides of metal properties. On one side its properties like malleability and ductility make it very useful in almost every industry and on the other side, its tendency to achieve corrosion is a strong failure point. A good metal coating prevents corrosion to a certain level but once the coating gets peeled off thin with time, the metal piece is again prone to corrosion. To test the resistance of metal against corrosion, creating an ideal environment is mandatory. It is impossible for humans to create a testing environment in labs without using any machine or testing instrument. Such kind of accelerated lab testing can be easily done by using Salt spray chamber.

This type of testing chamber determines the maintenance of coating process on a comparative basis. To pass the test, the specimen is supposed to resist the salt spray fog for a minimum of 96 hours. Failing to this, reconsideration of the chemical process of the coating is required.

In this, a specimen (pre-treated + resistance coated) is placed in the cabinet. Depending upon the projected working conditions of the specimen, salt spray volume can be adjusted for the desired temperature of testing. This creates a salt spray fog inside the chamber.

Advantage of using this chamber setup
The advantage of accelerated lab testing is that it can be done at any stage of manufacturing. Tests can be performed on the specimens which are bare, coated, painted or noble metals. Due to the accelerated environment, the test results can be achieved at a fast rate. The results of tests are very comprehensive and can be easily correlated to the real-time environmental conditions. Especially in the marine industry, where metal is often exposed to saline water, this test gives close to real conditions and the rate at which the attacked corrosion happens on the exposed metal. An accelerated lab test can give results about the bare metal as well as for any type of coating. However, for hot-dip galvanization, the correlation between times of salt spray is quite weak.

The Presto Salt Spray Chamber is the most advanced and versatile corrosion tester. It is utilized for calculating the corrosion resistance of the surface coating of any metal specimen in an unsuitable atmospheric condition.

In today’s competitive world such type of testing instruments are making an initiative for fast-growing industries, so that they can ensure a high-quality product to the world and built their reputation worldwide.


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