Test Method for Extracting Ash Content in Elastomer

Test Method for Extracting Ash Content in Elastomer

Elastomers are widely used in many industries for production of parts, components, or product. They exhibit a long list of physical and chemical properties. To categorize them as per their application it is very important to study their characteristics. Ash content analysis is one of the most conducted test when it comes to elastomers and standardized Muffle Furnace are required to perform the test.

The test chamber is designed to generate specified conditions useful for Ash analysis of elastomers. It is a test cabinet which smartly inspects the exact quantity of inorganic substance in a particular material and helps to calculate the value for further study and research. Suitable for conducting ash content test on Elastomers, plastic, rubber material etc. It is the latest bench-type model and is utilized to extract the inorganic ration of the material.
The chamber is equipped with J-type sensors for precise temperature sensing and deliver accuracy in test results. The chamber is regulated with uniform temperature throughout the environment inside. This helps in conducting a better test conditions, comparative to those furnaces which do not regulate the temperature well. Non-regulation of temperature also make delays in the combustion process. Highly advanced PID control for managing the temperature parameter.
The entire chamber is layered using a High-grade density Glass wool blanket to deliver high level of insulation. The insulation assures zero heat loss during the test process. By generation of maximum thermal efficiency by insulation platform the cabinet can perform the best condition for ash analysis. Equipped with SSR based heaters. The PID controlling unit can be calibrated automatically as per industry standard.
The test method includes putting the elastomer samples into ceramic specimen holders and place them inside the chamber. Close the door firmly and lock. Set test parameters such as timer and temperature. Initiate the test and post completion take out the ceramic cups containing ashes. Weigh the sample after and before the test and the value you get is the amount of inorganic substance present in it.

Test read out is allowed using a digital based display screen which precisely converts measured parameters into numerical values. The range of temperature it provides is from ambient to 900°C, 1200°C & 1400°C.


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