Test Paper Packaging material in Real-life Humid Conditions

Test Paper Packaging material in Real-life Humid Conditions

Paper packaging material are widely used in several industries. They are the new sunrise of recycling products. With more and more countries opting to use paper material the manufacturers must make them fit for every weather condition. Today we will discuss about testing the paper packaging material and inspecting its tolerance against Humidity using testing chambers.

Humidity/Conditioning Chamber from the Prima Series is specially designed to generate real-life environmental conditions including relative humidity and temperature. It allow the user to inspect the physical properties of a material, component or product under control humid conditions. The chamber is also utilized to test the working life of a substance and during selection of material. The chamber complies with various international standards ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, and BS950 Part-1(D65). Due to which the results are trusted world-wide.
The chamber is a smart technology with touchscreen operation & control. Along with that it has a light tower which indicates that the machine cycle is running. The user just needs to place their sample inside the chamber on sample placement racks and close the door using strong locking system. The smart technology chamber will pause the test if door gets open in between the test cycle and signals on screen to close the door. After sample placement switch on the display screen, set the test parameters like the relative humidity, temperature and the time for the test cycle. One can enter as more cycles as they need with distinct parameter. After this, one can start the test and see that the tower lights will blink. Benefits of the tower light is, user can see the status of the test process from far distance too. If the lights are blinking the process is running and when you see the lights are off, it means the set cycle is complete and you can open the chamber to inspect the position of the sample. An automated stopping feature is present to stop the cycle at set time.
The Humidity/Conditioning Chamber is equipped with aerodynamically shaped, German imported fans to circulate the temperature and humidity evenly inside the chamber. It increases heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification efficiency. For temperature accuracy PT-100 sensors are used. SSR based heaters for generating heat. PLC control program installed for precise generation of Humidity and temperature. Entire chamber body from is inside is insulated with high-grade PUF insulation material. Live test data and changes can be seen on screen and test reports can be saved in the machine memory. Test reports can be seen in the form of Run time vs temperature / humidity graph. These reports can be downloaded from USB option and saved in systems.

Inbuilt automated tuning function is available in the program. Wet heater and Dry heater equipped to generate dry heat and humid heat respectively. Castor wheels are equipped for easy machine movement.


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