Test Plastic Film Resistance to Free Falling Dart

Test Plastic Film Resistance to Free Falling Dart

Plastic films or foils have numerous application in the packaging industry. They act as a protective barrier between external contaminants and the inside content, they make the product appearance and exhibit important information for consumers. Other than these, they, they are also expected to deliver a high level of resistance to free falling impact. Plastic Film Manufacturer doesn’t understand exactly what level of impact strength is required and how they can fulfil customer demands. Testing plastic film resistance to free falling dart can be the solution. You must conduct plastic film quality assurance methods using Composite Films Testing Instruments.

It is a renowned test method used commonly in the packaging industry. The method imitates the real-life impact situations and sees if the test sample can take the impact or not. One may think that this can be done by simply throwing weights on the film from a height and see if they burst or not. Well, that will not be taken as a standardized quality control test. 
Using precise and standardized test equipment not only provide you with a world-trusted testing procedure but also helps in delivering precision in the test process and further in production. Testing plastic film resistance to free falling dart requires a high-tech set up which can accurately calculate the exact load or a specified point at which the product will fail. For such quality inspection, Dart Impact Tester is known to be the best equipment.
It complies with IS 2508:1984(R2003), and ASTM D1709-16A global test standards. Each angle and technology of the machine is highly systemized. Equipped with an electromagnetic hold and release mechanism for controlling the dart fall. The height for the dart drop is adjustable as per the test requirement. Smart Digital Counter to note the number of drops within a single test operation. To ensure zero slippage of the specimen, a circular annular clamping device is installed. Equipment work with single push button operation. The operator gets free from complications of setting parameters and switching on numerous buttons. USP of Dart Impact tester is its shielding structure. The shield protects the dart to bounce and fall outside the test range. The shield height is also adjustable. For low micron sample hold, a vacuum pump is delivered along with the machine.

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