Test Plated Metal Corrosion With Salt Spray Chambers

Test Plated Metal Corrosion With Salt Spray Chambers

 Metal instruments and machines with metallic parts need to ensure resistance against corrosion for long run and proper functioning. There are many mechanical parts that are implemented at crucial places and not so easy to replace (as in ships and submarines). Tests are performed to evaluate the resistance against corrosion of this type of metallic matter. Corrosion Resistance test ensures the resistance property of a material against environment changes. Corrosion of a metal depends on its composition of material and environmental conditions like humidity, moisture or temperature.

Salt spray chambers are the instruments that implement the necessary conditions for a  corrosion resistance test. A sample is tested inside a closed chamber where it is being treated with enough pressure, air, salt spray fog and temperature are maintained. Changes on the sample can be visually noted in specific time with timers and alarms.

Presto salt spray chamber gives enough space with SST chamber of minimum 250 ltr. The sample is tested in presence of Brine solution (concentrated water solution of common salt) at ambient temperature of 40° Celsius with proper specimen placing system. This procedure is followed under specific pH and temperature and known as Neutral Salt Spray. The machine is all three walled chamber made up of Fiber reinforced plastic material with glass wool insulation. There is a pneumatic hood lifting system which gives automatic canopy lifting and closing system controls. Air can be regulated in between 0 to 30 psi with analog air regulators and gauge. Hourly alarms can be set to notice the change on the sample in specific time period.
There are multiple models according to requirement of test, with varied Chamber capacity and all are equipped with air regulators, fog collector chambers, timer, pressure gauge and specimen racks. The machinery is inbuilt with the test alarms and time totalizer for specific test time period. It also provides technical features of Ethernet and USB connection for output of data and easy maintenance. One of the interesting factors is that the commands can be understood and displayed in English and Hindi Language both, for the ease of operator. Machine development, test procedure and test environment are all followed according to the international standards of ASTM B 117 and JIS Z 2371 proving its endurance, test accuracy and reliability.


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