Test Resistance of Coating against Sudden Impact

Test Resistance of Coating against Sudden Impact

Coating layers are nowadays have involved role of technology in it to make it advanced and more strong. Everyone has now changed their question to how be the quality of paint or coating to how much time will it stay and then how much impact pressure it can withstand. Therefore, it has become important for manufacturers to invest their focus into material testing for quality control and deliver the best in the market.

Testing resistance of coating against sudden impact is the most common and in demand test method. Customer seek coating which can withstand impact up to a wide range of pressure and do not disturb the internal substrate layer. However, using a good quality equipment becomes a necessary for the production unit.
Impact Resistance Tester for Paint by Presto Stantest is highly accurate equipment used to test the impact resistance strength of coating, or paint layer. It evaluates the coating and observes at how much impact it can generate crack, break off, and loose its adhesive properties and elasticity. A free falling weight having a hemispherical end is dropped on the coated sample and the formulae bulge on the specimen surface area is assessed. It is seen that if the coating cracked on the impact or not. Equipment complies with ASTM D2794-93(2010), and ISO 6272-1:2011 to deliver high accuracy in test results. Suitable for testing coated samples in paint industry. The height of fall and the weight can be adjusted as per the test requirement.
The main body is plated using high-quality corrosion resistant paint. Uses a Fast Guiding Mechanism for smooth operation. Single handed operation get rid of complication while testing material. Strong grips to assure finest sample locking.

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