Test the Edge Crush Value for Corrugated Fiberboard with Edge Crush Tester Prima

Test the Edge Crush Value for Corrugated Fiberboard with Edge Crush Tester Prima

Fiberboards, being the backbone of various packaging applications, play a critical role in ensuring the protection and transportation of goods. In order to assess their durability and resilience, it is imperative to subject them to rigorous testing against the edge crush value (ECV). This can be done with the help of using accurate laboratory testing equipment known as Edge Crush Tester Prima.

Presto has recently introduced an edge crush-Prima model that has designed this equipment with an automated Human Machine Interface. This lab testing instrument has been designed with a stable and practical mechanical structure with uniform movement over 90 ° alignments. This lab testing instrument can test the maximum and minimum value of edge crush test results and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers.
In this blog, we will discuss brief information about Presto edge crush tester prima and the top features of this quality testing equipment.

Introduction to Edge Crush Tester Prima

When it comes to evaluating the strength of corrugated fiberboard, testing the edge crush strength is one of the most popular testing methods. This practice assists users in selecting appropriate performance characteristics of corrugated fiberboard, commensurate with their user needs for the packing and distribution of goods.
This practice describes several attributes of fiberboard which relate to various hazards encountered in distribution and describes test parameters which may be specified by the user to ensure sufficient strength in the box for containment, storage, handling, transport and protection of contents.
Thus, we at Presto are the leading packaging testing instruments manufacturer and design high-quality testing equipment known as Edge Crush Tester Prima.
This quality testing equipment will make it easy for the paper & packaging manufacturers to conduct edge crush tests on the materials with uniform movement over 90-degree alignments.
This quality testing equipment will instantly print the test results without the hassle of cartridge refill. Besides this, it will work with a noise-free mechanism so that users will generate and download a soft copy of the report in one go.
Besides this, it has been designed with high-quality features that make it easy for manufacturers to conduct quality tests on the materials.

Features of Presto Edge Crush Tester Prima

There are various features one can get with the help of the Presto edge crush tester prima model. Below we have listed the features of this quality testing equipment:
  • Highly accurate results
  • Microprocessor-based high-speed controller for accurate test results
  • The equipment is programmed with individual test templates for measurement with three tests (RCT/FCT/ECT)
  • The equipment is designed to provide easy access by automatically calculating the ECT value
  • Can test with maximum, minimum, and average results for ten samples.
  • When a test is complete, the dynamic fixtures automatically move to the home location.
  • Fastest Human Machine Interface (HMI) powered by Cortex-A8 high-speed processor
  • HMI can also be connected to your computer for access.
  • USB option available (Pen drive is not a part of supply)
  • Separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crush test.
  • Current test running status display
  • Our machine works with a noise-free mechanism
  • Can generate and download the soft copy of the report in a go in pdf format
  • CSV format and you can add as much customised the information
  • Equipment is added with security layers to allow access only to registered user
  • Use USB interface and PC communication, synchronous test function can connect to the computer

Technical specifications of Presto Edge Crush Tester Prima

  • Capacity: 500 kg ( Different Capacity also available on request )
  • Display: Latest Colour TFT Touch Screen
  • Accuracy: ± 2% At full load ( With master load )
  • Least Count/Resolution:               0.01 Kg
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Test Speed: 12.5 ± 2.5mm/min.
  • Data Output: USB port available
  • Motor: 1/4 HP Single Phase, 1440 rpm
  • Compression Plate Size: Dia 100mm ±2mm
These are the features and technical specifications of this quality testing equipment. You can easily solidify your packaging by conducting ECT with this testing machine.
If you want to take a live demo for the use of this testing instrument then you can visit our testing lab. Just give us a call at  +91 9210 903 903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com to get assistance with all your needs and queries.
Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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