Test the Impact Strength of Plastic with Charpy Test

Test the Impact Strength of Plastic with Charpy Test

What is Charpy Impact Test?

Charpy Impact Tester is a lab testing machine which is designed for the calculation of the resistance of impact to metals and plastics. The testing device works on principle working of the pendulum. The Charpy impact test can be performed with the help of high-quality of Charpy Impact Tester. The test comprises of vertical impact on the horizontally clamped sample, Charpy test is performed. On the other hand, when the horizontal impact is made on the vertically clamped sample, the test is known as Izod Impact. Both the tests can be performed easily with one testing device i.e. Izod/Charpy Impact Tester but with different sample placement fixtures.

How are Izod/Charpy Impact Testers designed?

The impact testers are designed in accordance with the international standard test method ASTM D-256, D883; D618; D1928; D1204; D1248 & E691. This indicates that the machine offers precise and accurate test results. The testing device is designed with high-quality and user-friendly features that help to operate the device easily. It is the best testing device which is used to evaluate the impact resistance strength of the material that is kept for testing and impacted by a specific amount of load. It is a highly precise, reliable and accurate testing machine which is used for assessment and is mandatory for polymer and plastic industries.

Presto assembles and supplies a wide range of Plastic testing Instruments. Out of the available range of testing machines, one of the widely used testing devices to test the impact tolerance / resistance strength of plastics is Charpy Impact Test Equipment.


Key Expertise of Charpy Impact Test Equipment

  • The angle of Release of the pendulum is 1500.
  • Maximum capacity of the machine is 21.68 joules.
  • Four scales to perform the test are 0-2.71 J; 0-5.42J; 0-10.84 J and 0-21.68 j.
  • Minimum resolution of the instrument is 0.02 J, 0.05 J, 0.1 J, and 0.2J.
  • The test equipment is duly powder coated and offers rust resistant finish.
  • Motorized notch cutter as an optional accessory is also provided with the machine on customer’s demand.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call/WhatsApp at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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