Test The Proportion Of Each Section Of Bottles Precisely Via. Section Weight Analysis

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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter-NXG-Section Weight CutterPET bottles are widely used to pack numerous products in different production verticals. The PET products are usually considered as the best medium to pack directly consumable products as they are non-reactive in nature. No matter which type of product will be packed in the bottle, but it is the duty of the manufacturers of PET industry to deliver only best quality of bottles to the clients and customers so that it cannot harm the product in any way, which is packed inside and helps to maintain the hygiene and safety of the product. PET bottles need to be provided with the best level of quality. This can be possible only by using best quality assurance strategies and test procedures. Proper Quality testing strategy helps to offer the only best quality of PET bottles to the customers.

Testing Procedure to Test the Balancing of PET Bottles

One of the best testing procedures is Section Weight Analysis. This strategy explains the exact method that helps to calculate the weight of every section of the bottle individually without deforming the shape and edges of the bottle during cutting. If the weight of every section of the bottle in not determined accurately, it can affect the balancing and perpendicularity of the bottle and will be considered as a major quality flaw. To perform the test procedure accurately, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the best testing machine which efficiently cut the bottles accurately and with great perfection without deforming the shape of the bottles.

Solution for Section Weight Analysis by Presto

For perfect and error-free cutting of the PET products, hot wire bottle cutter is used in every production vertical. It is a highly accurate testing machine which is used to cut the bottle in three different sections with great accuracy. To check the technical specifications of the testing instrument, visit: www.prestogroup.com/

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