Test the Thickness of Bottles with Magnamike8600 - Wall Thickness Gauge

Magnamike8600 - Wall Thickness Gauge

Bottles are used in a large number of production houses to fulfill the purpose of packaging. To ensure the quality of these bottles, a large number of tests are performed on these products. Out of the available means of testing, Non – Destructive type of testing is usually performed on bottles to assess the thickness of the wall of bottles from all the edges just by placing a probe on the outer surface of a bottle and a small target ball inside the bottle. This type of testing can be performed easily with the help of high-quality of a testing machine known as Magnamike – 8600. The testing instrument quickly measures the actual difference between the magnetic probe and the target wall and displays the result on the digital display panel of the device.

Magnamike 8600 is a high-quality testing machine which is used to measure the thickness of walls of bottles. The device works on Hall’s Effect principle. It is a light-weight and portable device which is designed to solve the purpose of repetitive and highly accurate measurements on all non-ferrous products such as plastics, composites, glass, aluminum, titanium and many more.

Which type of testing can be done using Magnamike – 8600 Wall Thickness Gauge?

The gauge is widely used to ascertain the thickness of the wall of all non-magnetic and non-ferrous materials from all the uneven edges without destroying the actual shape of the bottles. The device is used to perform repetitive testing on a single sample. The testing device can easily measure the thickness from 1 inch to 25mm easily.

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