Test The Top Load Strength Of The Oranges With Orange Compression Tester

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Packaging is the best medium to prevent the quality of the products. There are many sources of packaging that are used to pack different types of products such as liquids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products, toys, glass products and fruits also. The packing of the products is done as per the type of the products so that it can assure the quality and safety of the goods until it reaches the hands of the end users.

How to Pack Oranges in Cartons?

Talking about the packaging of the fruits such as apples and oranges, these products are packed in the wooden carton by placing the fruits one above the other in order to stack the fruits in synchronized manner. This process of stacking of fruits exerts a lot of pressure on the orange which is placed on the lowermost layers. These forces affect the quality of deforming the fruit due to excessive compression forces. To pack the fruits such as oranges safely, it is important to determine the maximum pressure or compression strength that a product can bear to its maximum without affecting the quality. This can be done efficiently using the best quality of testing machine i.e. Orange Compression Tester.

Best Way to Measure the Top Load Strength of Oranges

One of the best testing machines that can efficiently measure the maximum force that a single fruit can bear is Orange Compression Tester. The laboratory testing device works on the methodology that compresses the fruits such as mangoes, apples, oranges, mangoes from upside that compress the fruits. The sensor of the instrument quickly read the maximum force that a product can bear without causing any sort of deformation.

Presto Stantest, a world’s famous manufacturer of testing devices, offers premium quality of orange compression tester to test the compression strength of the oranges.

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