Test Weathering Resistance of Plastic for Outdoor Furniture

Test Weathering Resistance of Plastic for Outdoor Furniture

While selecting outdoor furniture, customers usually look for features what they seek in indoor furniture like style, durability, and comfort. The difference falls when they look for something additional which is the resistance towards changing weather. The outdoor furniture are exposed to outside whether which makes their material prone to develop cracks and fading off color. This happens commonly with the plastic furniture.

Plastic material have a tendency to stretch out at elevating temperature following their basic property of tensile strength. While doing this, poor quality material often generates cracks in between which disturbs the coated layer and the overall appearance. Also with time the open crack can lead to durability issues and strength issue. They may get easily broken if experience too much load for long time.
Apart from this, they may get easily fade with long exposure to UV light coming from sunrays. The manufacturers have to be tight in producing products which are more resistant to the changing weathering conditions. This would be their way to earn more profit in the market. UV Weathering Chamber is a reliable testing source which has become the foremost choice of many plastic, manufacturers for performing weathering test on polymer parts. The chamber is used to generate a similar weathering condition including rain, UV rays exposure, direct sunlight, Moisture, Relative humidity and more in an accelerated manner. The acceleration helps in gaining a results which would take several years to happen in real life. This way, the manufacturer can observe the behaviour of the coating they apply or the plastic material’s resistance towards cracking and weakening.

The test equipment complies with global test standards, including ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10. The standard assures that the material test and cleared will be accepted worldwide. It has a latest HMI based touch screen. Allow Rapid resumption of water, and UV light conditions. The time duration is displayed as per exposure. The UV light can easily simulate the short-wave pattern of the sunlight. Using the touchscreen display screen, user can set the test parameters as per requirement and monitor the testing process. Post-test, the results can also be managed easily. The screen shows the status for current test occurring inside. Equipped with a highly developed PT-100 sensor which is corrosion resistant for long working performance. It do not allow the testing conditions to destroy the machine’s inner part and components. 


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