Testing Adhesive strength of BOPP Tape

Testing Adhesive strength of BOPP Tape

BOPP or Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene is an adhesive tape popularly used in the packaging industry. Commonly used in shipping and inventory management today, BOPP Tape is the buzzword in the packaging arena and are in the good books of both manufacturers and the end users. With unique molecular structure and stabilisation properties of polypropylene, the tape delivers excellent mechanical and optical properties. With such demand in the market, the manufacturers are facing constant competition for selling their product. However, if quality is focused upon and standardized testing is established, one can definitely attract more customers.

Peel Strength Tester with Digital cum Computerised Control, is a reliable testing instrument used in the packaging industry. It is used to test the adhesion strength or peeling ability of a packaging seal, tapes and films. The machine complies with ASTM D 903 testing standards.
Equipped with microprocessor-based hi-tech digital controls to evaluate high precision test values. Feather touch control buttons for smooth operations and a bright LED display screen, which delivers a clear vision even in low light, is used to take live test recordings. The machine allows peel test at 180 Degree angle by holding the specimen tight using specific fixtures. 90-degree fixture available on request.Highly advanced inbuilt calibration facility is provided.
The USP of this equipment is its connectivity with the Computer system. A Software program, provided with the machine, is installed in any computer system (desktop, laptop etc.). User can connect the tester with the system and observe the testing results in the form of comparison graphs. The graphical presentation of Force Vs Timecan save time in manual comparison and categorization. One can see up to 10 Sample test results or repeatable test data on one graph. The report can be extracted in PDF or Excel format and sent via email. During software connectivity, user can easily manage and organize test data. They can create a product identification code, set pass/fail criteria, save test details etc.
The Peel Strength Tester evaluates the force applied to a sealed specimen in order to break the adhesion bond under fixed test parameters. The Peel Adhesive strength of test specimen can be seen on a computer or the display screen.

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