Testing Effect of Weathering Conditions over Coating Systems

Testing Effect of Weathering Conditions over Coating Systems

Coating is applied to almost everything we know and use. The furniture, vehicles, small to large parts and components of machines and much more. Every manufacturer and even customer require this coating to be more and more efficient in terms of providing long time resistance against weathering conditions such as direct sunlight containing UV light, Rain, Moisture, heat etc. The consumers even wish to have the best product for themselves and rely only those which are thoroughly tested and checked using quality testing instruments. More the testing matches the real-life conditions, better will be the test results and so the actions which will be taken on them. It is very important that the manufacturers must check their coating system way before initiating its applications.

For testing the coating layer and its resistance towards the real-life factors, manufacturers must opt for testing equipment which is proficient in producing conditions responsible for weathering of coating layer. One such type of machine is Presto’s Bench UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester - Touchscreen. It is a bench type model and is a touchscreen version. The HMI based touch screen display is the latest technological feature which you may not found in any other equipments like that. Presto has evolved with time to introduce such feature on the device. The display helps the user to not only set each every test parameter as per requirements but also monitor the current running test graphs and status.

The user can easily set the quantity, speed and time for each and every test conditions. And then can view the test status on graphical version on any form of data required on screen. It can accurately check for the damage which is caused by natural phenomenon such as sunlight, rain, dew etc. The machine can simulate ageing conditions at an accelerated rate so that user can predict the damage which may be caused in thousand years within few hours. The elements which are used to generate real-life conditions are UV lamps responsible for producing Sunlight conditions, Water spray for raining conditions, and fluorescent lights. The test results generate by this machine is accepted worldwide as it strictly adheres to international test standards like ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10.


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