Testing Heat Resistance of Plastic Cutlery with Hot Air Oven

Testing Heat Resistance of Plastic Cutlery with Hot Air Oven

Plastic Cutlery is highly demanded due to its, lightweight nature, it’s easy to pack and use methods and colourful and designer appearance. Something which is not easily locatable in steel, Aluminium or glass cutlery. Agreed that Glass utensils are way more stylish but they are heavy in weight and difficult to carry. Manufacturers of plastic utensils may be in demand for making creative and colourful products but also, faces quality challenges. One of the most common challenges is the heat resistance strength of plastic cutlery.

Utensils which are made up of metals like aluminium, steel, or even hard glass exhibit some amount of heat resistance towards hot served food items or when they are used of cooking. But in case of plastic, which has a natural property of melting down in high temperatures, it may get complex to have a material which is resistant to a specified amount of heat. While doing that producer must test the resistance capability of plastic based utensils with chamber providing real-life heating effects in a controlled and uniform manner. So that it can be tested that how the plastic utensils behave under a specified temperature. This can be accurately achieved using Industrial Hot Air Oven.
The chamber is designed to inspect the physical changes appeared in a plastic product when it encounters a rising level of temperature. The machine is a digital model, i.e. the test values and the operation is based on a digital format. Entire technical system is based upon a highly precise Microprocessor program. Equipped with a PID unit for controlling accuracy in temperature. It assures that the set parameters by the technician must match the inside conditions. For proper ventilation, a section is available on the outside of the oven. It uses high-speed German imported air circulation fans. These high-grade fans ensure that the heating inside must not stand at few corners but must be circulated uniformly.  This is very much helpful in maintaining zero-error test results. Has Glass wool insulation delivered for limited heat loss. The temperature ranges up to 250 degree Celsius and is suitable for performing ageing, heat deformation, and compression set in plastic industries.

Testing Plastic cutlery’s heat resistance will help the manufacturer in improving the quality and resistance strength as per their application. They can also pass and fail materials based on the quality check. The Hot air oven is the most common and widely used equipment in the polymer world. Presto Stantest, the manufacturer is one of the leading producers of the testing instrument. The machine is built as per global test standards and is certified by labs.


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