Testing Heat Sealability of Laminated Film

Testing Heat Sealability of Laminated Film

Laminated films have a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Most commonly used for delivering protection and enhance the cover appearance. They also have packaging applications as well. During the lamination process, the Sealability of laminated films plays an important role and on the basis of this particular quality, they are price tagged in the market as well. Therefore testing the heat seal quality of these films is of utmost importance using Heat Sealing Testing Instruments.

The heat sealing machine tests the films sealing quality at high temperature. It has been knowing that in manufacturing units where the films are used for packaging purpose, the sealing process uses high temperature. At this elevated heat, poor quality films can fail and do not seal properly. Therefore, testing the sealing quality of packaging films is vital prior to actual use.
Heat Sealer is an advanced and hi-tech equipment used for testing Heat Sealability of laminated film precisely. Suitable for testing a wide range of flexible packaging and thermoplastic material. It exerts high temperature and pressure to generate sealing condition for the specimen. Complies with ASTM F 2029 test standard to deliver world best results.
Equipped with Digital display screen based on a microprocessor software program which enables the system to detect minute temperature & pressure modifications quickly and further converts them into precise numeric values.
Pneumatic controls used for exerting pressure on the specimen which ensure zero chances of error and hassle-free operation. The user can initiate the Heat Sealer using a single push button post setting the test parameters including temperature and time. Robust heating jaws composed of EN 31 hard and temper material to deliver perfect conditions for Heat Sealability of the laminated film. The user must place the specimen film uniformly without any loops in between. This will ensure zero sample slippage. Bright LED light installed at display section for temperature and time readout.
PID control software equipped for a high level of accuracy in the test. The repeatable test can be conducted for precise results. Equipment use guide rod technology for generating high control over the sealing process. The upper and lower jaws temperature can be separately adjusted. Considered best for testing Sealability in laminated films, flexible packaging and plastic films. You may check our complete range of Flexible Packaging Testing Equipment.


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