Testing quality of thermoplastic material with Heat Seal Tester

Testing quality of thermoplastic material with Heat Seal Tester

 Quality of sealing plays an important role in packaging industry to ensure the safety of products. Low quality seals generate issues related to package integrity. Heat sealing process is widely used in packaging products. The process joins thermoplastic materials by applying pressure and heat. As the process needs three variables such as heat, pressure and time, so controlling these variables is necessary to avoid the risk of bad quality welds.

Heat Seal tester is used to seal thermoplastic materials, envelopes, pouches, bags, packaging etc. by applying heat. Heat seal test identifies sealing parameters such as pressure, dwell time and sealing temperature of the material. Thermoplastic materials are polystyrene, PVC (polyvinyl chlorides), polypropylene etc., widely used in manufacturing units to pack consumable products. The packagers conduct heat seal test regularly as a part of the quality system to assure quality to the customers. A poor quality test gives edge leaks, weak seals, and hard brittle areas as a result of overheating and unsealed areas because of low-heating.

A sophisticated heat seal tester machine is used to test various thermoplastic and packaging material. The equipment complies with ASTM F 2029 standards. Seal pattern can be plain, line or diamond shaped. Chip based display gives accurate results. PID temperature controller to take input from the sensor and output to the control element such as heater or fan. Strong heating jaws to perform tests and pneumatic controls to apply pressure on samples.
Presto Heat sealer tester presents a standardized and consistent tool to seal packaging products and thermoplastic materials utilizing heat and pressure keeping accurate temperatures. The equipment is widely used in packaging products such as medicines, milk powder, food etc. The lower and upper jaws have separate temperatures to heat separately. Available in two different models PLHS-22-Prima and Laboratory Heat sealer PLHS-22.


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