Testing Resistance Strength of Containers to Transit Shocks

Testing Resistance Strength of Containers to Transit Shocks
Containers of distinct shapes and sizes are used on daily basis by transport industry and by many other companies for transporting their material to some other client or to some other location. The major type of container you will see is the PET containers. They are the best material for containers and chosen by many companies especially by the packaged water industry. They use them to transfer their water too residential and commercial places. They distribute it to small towns and too big cities. We bring you an accurate Bottle Shaker / G V Shaker which is a unique PET preform testing instrument for evaluating the resistance strength of containers against transit shocks.


Why do we need to test the PET Containers?

The PET containers while travelling are prone to fall off at one another due to their heavyweight. The jerks which appear on road tend to move the container made up of PET plastic. These jerks push them to fall off often. Now what we see that if there is any chance that we can see that how the containers will behave in such roads before the journey starts will save a lot of things.
Presto's Bottle shaker or G V Shaker is used for testing such containers by imitating road jerks and moves on a vibration table. By doing this we can see till how much time our containers can survive and hold off and not falling on the road due to the jerks. It is digitally controlled instrument and is very easy to handle.


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