Testing Solution for Checking Seal Performance of Plastic film

Testing Solution for Checking Seal Performance of Plastic film
Plastic films have a vast application in packaging industry - be it food & beverage, textile, chemicals, pharma industry etc. They assure product safety, maintain its integrity, quality and freshness. Packaging material is always expected to be strong enough to withstand various types of external conditions including load, pressure, heat, scuff and moisture. The maximum impact of such condition is taken by the sealed portion. Manufacturers must the films they are using deliver sealing performance as per the required industry standard.
Heat Sealer is an advanced mode testing solution which is utilized to check the seal performance in flexible packaging, especially thermoplastic material. The equipment evaluates the amount and duration of pressure, heat and temperature required in assuring permanent sealing conditions. It complies with ASTM F 2029 standards, responsible for designing Laboratory Heat Seals.
The apparatus is a set of two strong heating jaws, in between which the specimen film is kept. There are three distinct type of jaws which are offered – Plain, Diamond knurled and Straight line. These jaws are made using EN 31 hard and temper material. The entire function is controlled using a microprocessor based program. It smartly converts the testing data into numeric value with high precision. Pneumatic pressure control used for zero error testing. Single Push button operation ensures a hassle free experience and less complications in operation. Bright LED display screen is fitted to allow observation of live test results. PID temperature controller for accuracy and repeatable testing.
Implemented Guide rod mechanism to achieve maximum control over the sealing conditions. USP of the equipment is that it allows separate temperature control for both jaws. At the same time, one can control the heating parameters for the upper and lower jaw.
Heat sealer is suitable for composite films, plastic films such as PP, PE utilized in packaging industry. 

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