Testing the Resistance of Rubber Material to Crack

Testing the Resistance of Rubber Material to Crack
The Rubber material has many uses and is very much into the industrial applications. They are considered to be the backbone of many verticals. Rubber is considered to have zero effect of electricity and has many applications in electronic components. And because of its flexible nature, it has many uses like shoes sole and tires. Rubber is also considered to have maximum strength but on the same place, it also exhibits some faulty features like cracking and not only that growing cracks. This is one issue of poor quality rubber material which every manufacturer wants to avoid. In this blog post, we will learn about the testing of rubber resistance toward growing cracks using De-Mattia Flex Tester.
The rubber material is one matter whose applications are mostly exposed to huge amount of heat, cold weather, and humidity and temperature changes. Then rain moisture dust and other contaminants. As a result of prolonging facing these environmental factors what happens is a crack develops on the surface and these crack just not stop there they grow and grow.
To stop this you must conduct flex testing. This is mostly applied in shoe soles, as the rubber sole which is daily used on roads. It comes in contact with a maximum level of flexing and friction they must not crack easily or the customer list will down by bringing down the brand too


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