The 5 Biggest GSM Round Cutter Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The 5 Biggest GSM Round Cutter Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

GSM round cutters are a type of machine that cuts through paper, cards, and other materials. It is an essential part of the production process for any business that requires checking of grammage. Grammage or grams per square meter is very helpful in measuring the area and mass of the specimen. For this, the specimen needs to be cut precisely and accurately to get the best testing results.

The GSM Presto GSM Round Cutter is one of the most accurate cutting tools that is used for precise circular cutting of samples to check grammage. The sample cutter cuts a circular specimen of 100 Cm2, which is exactly 1 / 100th of a square meter, rapidly and accurately. The result is grams, multiplied by 100, which gives the GSM (Grams per square meter) directly. There are some mistakes manufacturers do while cutting the specimen with the help of a GSM round cutter. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the 5 biggest GSM round cutter mistakes that you must avoid.

The 5 biggest GSM round cutter mistakes you can't afford to make

Round Cutter for Grammage is testing equipment used in various applications such as acrylic sheets, aluminum, and foils, bags and luggage of cotton, Paper, Printing, Packaging and leather, belts, footwear, paper industry, package material, boxes, polyester & BOP films, thermal paper, Adhesive, and many more. While using this amazing equipment, most of the manufacturers make some common types of mistakes. Here we have listed them and the ways how you can avoid these mistakes.

  • Not reading and understanding the instructions

One of the biggest mistakes of most of the quality engineers while purchasing GSM round cutters is not reading and understanding the instructions. You can easily avoid this mistake by reading the instruction manual provided with the GSM round cutter. When you purchase Presto GSM round cutter then you will receive an instruction manual that consists of all safety instructions so that you will not get injured while using it.

  • Not knowing the size of your GSM round cutter while buying

Whenever you purchase a GSM round cutter, it is very important for you to be sure about the size of the cutting pad. By knowing its size, you will be able to determine the size of the sample to be placed in the gray cutting pad. Presto GSM round cutter has Gray Cutting Pad with size 300(L) x 200(W) x 21 (H). This cutting pad is made of Rubber-Foam which makes it easy for the sample to cut.

  • Using too much force when cutting the specimen

When you go with Presto GSM round cutter, then it is provided with 4 built-in knives. By revolving the handle knob in a clockwise direction for a quarter a turn the cutter produces a circular sample of 100 cm². The Round Sample cutter is appropriate for cutting samples from paper, single layer board, foils, and textiles, etc., and for cutting multi-layer board (corrugated board). You can easily cut the sample by applying a little pressure in the downward direction to bring the multiple blades into contact with the material.

  • Not using safety features provided in GSM cutter

Most of the quality engineers are not aware of safety features embedded in GSM round cutters. This would lead to injury while using. But with Presto GSM round cutter, you will get a lock system provided for safety. This equipment is designed for use by suitably trained, competent personnel in a controlled working environment. The instrument is intended to be used in a commercial and light industrial environment as laid down in BS EN 61000- 6- 3: 2007 + A1: 2011. The user should ensure that all reasonable safety precautions are followed and in any doubt should seek professional advice before proceeding.

  • Touching internal blades with bare hands

The GSM round cutter comes with moving parts. Therefore, it is very important for the engineers to make sure that they do not touch the internal blades with bare hands as it could lead to injury. All Vents slots must always be kept clear while using this testing equipment.

These are 5 common mistakes that you must avoid while using the GSM round cutter. If you’ve been struggling with your GSM round cutter and want to get more help, we can assist. To get more assistance, give us a call at +91 129 4272727 or email us at and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our testing equipment.

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