Universal Tensile Machine -The Need for Today's Testing Eco-system

Universal Tensile Machine -The Need for Today's Testing Eco-system

 A domestic vehicle approximately has more than 3,000 individual parts. And it is really surprising to see their sustenance against the different conditions which lead to different types of stress; weathering conditions, road conditions, terrain conditions, improper maintenance, etc. These are some common factors that directly attack the quality of the component. And with the increasing craze of speed and busy lives, the user often ignores the right maintenance and service of parts which is required periodically.

In spite of all these factors, the spares and other parts of the automobiles manage to survive the stress and strain bearing factors. This all is the result of exhaustive research and testing of each and every component. The testing process makes sure that every component is properly engineered as per the system’s requirement. 
Not only the external body but the interiors as well. Every component, from seating textiles to seat belts to airbag tear seams, everything is tested under harsh conditions to judge the failure. The tensile test is one test procedure that is applicable to the testing of almost every component. The universal tensile testing machine is perfect for the automobile industry, that allows the manufacturer to test the sample for tension and compressive force. 
Since automobile parts are made by different manufacturers, procured from different sources to assemble at one point. 
Here are some common examples of usage of Universal Tensile Testing Machine is utilised;
The tensile strength of seating textile – Take a cut out from the seating textile and clamping it in the tensile testing machine. Outward pull or tension is applied to the sample until it fractures. The force required to break the sample. Depending upon the internal standards and industry standards, the sample can be declared as pass or fail. 
The tensile strength of door trim panel laminates – There is a certain portion of the door where the textile fabric is attached to the door. After a certain time period, this fabric tends to peel off due to poor peeling strength. By creating a prototype and testing it using peel strength tester or tensile strength tester, appropriate measures can be taken. 
Rubber bumper compression testing – At different places, you will find rubber pieces or bumpers to avoid wear and tear of the fibre body. The selection of these bumpers needs to be done carefully so that they do not resist the lid from closing. The deflection should be good. But they should have good tension and compression strength. 
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