The New Standard Test Method ASTM D6797 For CRE Ball Burst Test Of Fabrics

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The ASTM D6797 – 7 is superseded, and ASTM D6797 – 15 is the latest test method to determine the force required to rupture textile fabric. The test procedure is performed by forcing a steel ball through the fabric with a constant-rate-of-extension (CRE) tensile tester. The test method is new with a small history data, but the test method is considered for acceptance testing of commercial shipments with care.

• If differences of practical significance between reported test results of two or more laboratories are observed, perform a comparative test using competitive statistical assistance to determine the statistical bias between the results.

• Use homogeneous sample (drawn from the same lot of material) for such comparative test. The comparative test can also be performed using other fabrics with established test results.

• Compare the test results from the laboratories using a statistical test for unpaired data. If bias found, correct the cause of bias or adjust the fabric in consideration of the known bias.

Remember the below standard test methods for the different testing procedures:
  • ASTM D6797 standard test method includes measuring the bursting strength of knitted textiles. CRE machine is used.
  • ASTM D3786 standard test method includes measuring the bursting strength of with a hydraulic or pneumatic device.
  • ASTM D3787 standard test method includes measurement of bursting strength by means of a ball burst mechanism. CRT device is used

Different results are provided by Constant Rate of Traverse (CRT) machines and Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) machines.

Presto has a wide range of bursting strength tester available as a digital model, computerized cum digital model, digital pneumatic model, and analogue model. The instrument test the quality of textile, fabrics, industrial fabrics, paper and packaging materials, filter cloth, solid fiber boards, kraft paper, and many more.

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