The Relevance of Cobb Sizing Tester in Paper & Packaging Industry

The Relevance of Cobb Sizing Tester in Paper & Packaging Industry

Cobb Sizing Testers are of great value in the paper & packaging industry. It is used to determine the liquid absorptiveness of treated or untreated paper, corrugated sheets, fiberboards, and other sheet material. This lab testing instrument simply helps to determine the quantity of water absorbed by the paper in a given time. For this standardized method, Presto has been delivering the economical Cobb Sizing Tester with the certification of TAPPI T 441.

Cobb value or water absorptiveness is counted by a 1 sq. meter sample of paper or corrugated sheet to measure the mass of water absorbed in a given time. This value helps to maintain the quality of the paper used in the packaging industry. The Cobb Tester by Presto is an efficient testing tool that provides accurate result data.

Applications to Use Cobb Sizing Tester

This Lab Testing Instrument is used for Paper, fiberboard, corrugated sheets that are used in the packaging industry.

What Is The Purpose of the Cobb Test?

Cobb value or water absorptiveness of paper board or other materials explains various features of paper like sizing, porosity, etc. This test can be done to measure the resistance power or absorption of water, oil, or other liquids.

Principle of the Tester

This procedure is done under standardized conditions and specified times to determine the quantity of water absorbed by the paper or corrugated sheet. This test can also be performed by using ink, beverages, oil, or other water-based liquid.

How does it Work?

The time duration for testing the paper may vary as per the absorbent material of the paper. The more absorbent paper material would be tested for a shorter time whereas the paper material with less absorbent material would be tested for a longer period.

  • For testing, clamp the paper sample and lock with the crossbar by tightening the knobs.
  • While pouring the test liquid, start the timer.
  • With proper care, pour the liquid on the untreated specimen before the expiration of the predetermined test time.
  • While holding the ring down against the paper sample, promptly loosen the knob and bring the crossbar out of the way.
  • Carefully remove the ring and place the sample with the damped side up on blotting paper.

To learn the testing procedure with practical and details, Presto’s avails the assistance of experts at your doorstep. The company offers competitive rates of Cobb Sizing Tester with many benefits to the customer. To know more about this Lab Testing Instrument in detail, connect with us. We are available at +91-9210 903 903 or request a quotation through email at

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