Three-in-One Test Equipment for conducting RCT, FCT and ECT

Three-in-One Test Equipment for conducting RCT, FCT and ECT

Crushing test is an essential requirement for Paper and Corrugated board manufacturers. It evaluates the resistance of the material toward compression forces. This test helps in categorizing the material as per their applications and can be used for checking the production quality. The test has three important segments, i.e. Edge Crush test (ECT), Ring Crush Test (RCT) and Flat Crush Test (FCT).

There are very few machines in the market which offer all three test modes in a single testing machine, since designing requires expertise and advanced technological skills to meet the requisite standards.
Due to this, manufacturers are compromising by purchasing three or two equipment for these quality checks. Why invest so much time, money and effort, when you are still not sure of your quality? Why not invest in a place where you can get all you want and are confident of the results?
Presto brings Edge Crush Tester, which is a result of a smart technological engineering and design. It is a highly proficient and advanced stage testing instrument used for testing the crush strength of corrugated fiberboard or paperboard. The equipment allows three distinct forms of crush testing, i.e. ECT, RCT and FCT. It complies with IS 7063 testing standards.
A bright LED display screen is installed on the machine, along with feather touch controls. It is controlled by a Microprocessor based program which ensures accuracy in test results. The operator can watch the compression strength applied to the specimen ‘live’ on the screen. There are separate fixtures available for ring crush, edge crush and flat crush test. The equipment assures accurate test results even in repeatable inspections utilizing uniform compression load. Strong gripping clamps are installed to hold the test specimen on a particular area and ensure no movement during the test. An automated and precise inbuilt calibration facility is available.
The USP of Edge Crush Tester Computerised Model is that it can be connected to any computer system. A software program is provided with the machine which can be installed on any system. One can observe testing data on screen while the test is running and can retain the data for future use. The operator can set their own Pass/Fail criteria be fixing parameters. Post a test cycle the results will automatically get categorized as per your set criteria. The results can be obtained in Excel, PDF and graph. Product information, identification code test details can also be fed on the program. A force versus time graph is generated as per the test cycles and shown on the screen. Up to 10 repeatable test cycles data can be acquired on one report. The data can also be used as an attachment and mailed.

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