Tips for Getting Best Salt Spray Test Results

Tips for Getting Best Salt Spray Test Results

Salt spray test is performed to assess the quality of the protective layer of the metal products. The resistance against corrosion is put to test under simulated environmental conditions. It is commonly performed in different industries that deal with metal components like electrical, electronics and other industrial products manufacturer. Salt spray chamber provides right conditions to perform the test.

First of all, it is very important to understand what is a salt spray test?
In this test, the sample is exposed to the controlled corrosion initiating conditions. The conditions are simulated in a closed and insulated chamber. The chamber gradually gets filled with saline fog. The salinity in the fog comes with the presence of NaCl solution, which is approx. 5% of the quantity. The temperature of the chamber is 37°C. These conditions are maintained for neutral salt spray test. The corrosion machine is equipped with air saturator to compress the air into the salt spray test.  
Before starting off the test, it is very important to check the atomiser of the machine. If there is nozzle style atomiser, check it for any blockage. If the nozzle has some impurities accumulated in it, it may result in uneven fog creating and distribution. Hence, inaccurate test results.
The level of fog is always to be assured. It has to be approx. 5ml. There is an external fog collector in the machine to keep a close check on the fog level inside the chamber.  
To make the most out of the test, it is very important that the test runs non-stop. The machine is equipped with a reservoir of approx. 60 litres that ensure the non-stop functioning of the machine. 
Neutral salt spray test should have a pH level of 6.5 to 7. Therefore, a regular check-up is important to maintain the right pH level. 
It is very important to maintain a consistent environment in the chamber, this is why it is advised not to open the canopy unless the test cycle is completed. If the environment simulated gets disturbed, it may result in inaccurate observations.
Presto offers a wide array of models of salt spray chamber. Different models are designed as per the testing requirements of different industries. If you don’t find the specification required by you in the list, contact our experts for the customization. We undertake customisation requests as well, provided they are fulfilling the testing standards. 

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