Top 5 things to consider while selecting an Ultra-Low Deep Freezer

Top 5 things to consider while selecting an Ultra-Low Deep Freezer

Ultra-low deep freezers are considered to be the vital components for life science, pharmaceutical & clinical laboratories. This type of testing instrument is necessary where long-term sample preservation will be required at a precise temperature. This type of lab testing instrument will last for more than twelve to fifteen years. It is also responsible for long-term preservations of samples and therefore, purchasing it would be the right decision. If you are thinking to purchase the ULTRA LOW DEEP FREEZER then we suggest you purchase this ULTRA LOW DEEP FREEZER from Presto Testing Instruments. They are experts in providing the best lab testing instruments for your business to improve your product quality. 

There are different models of ultra-low deep freezers that are available at Presto Testing Instruments. You can easily choose the one that suits your needs. Here in this blog, we have come up with some amazing tips that you must consider when you purchase an ultra-low deep freezer. So, let us get started with it.

Several things to be taken care of when you select ultra-low deep freezers

We all know that preserving the samples will be more stressful. Therefore, we have come up with amazing tips that you must consider when you select ultra-low deep freezers. So, let us get started!

Reliability Go with that type of deep freezers that are reliable to you. But the question is that how do you know that deep freezer is reliable? For this, you can check the record of the manufacturer for selling their products. With a quick search, you can easily find out reliable products from each manufacturer. When you purchase Presto ultra-low deep freezer then you will find quality and reliability while using it. The Presto Ultra Low-Temperature Deep Freezer is equipped with an air-cooled compressor and CFC-free refrigerators. These systems are installed to provide efficient cooling and consistent flow in the cabinet.

  • Usage

Temperature plays a very important role in protecting the samples. Therefore, whenever you go with any kind of machine, then we suggest you keep a check on temperature recovery. When you display the readings then it may often be misleading and state a certain set of temperatures once you close the door. A lengthy recovery period would definitely mean that the samples would be at risk with prolonged temperature elevation.

  • Uniformity

Have you ever noticed that the food stored at the bottom of the refrigerator gets cooler as compared to the food stored at the top? Yes, this is true, the same thing will happen in these freezers and can create problems for the sample stored at specific temperatures. Thus, the temperature in this freezer should remain uniform. 

  • Proper space

When the freezer will go to the lab then what happened when it does not get proper space for working. In this type of scenario, you will face many problems with the storage of samples. Typically these freezers will make a loud noise while working. Therefore you can consult with the manufacturers to manage the risky noise factors. You can even test by yourself the noise it makes for the freezer.

  • Energy Efficiency

Most of the laboratories have ultra-low deep freezers that will consume more power. Therefore, you should go with Presto ultra-low deep freezer that is more energy-efficient as compared to other manufacturer products. You can easily search for different models of this testing instrument in the product section. 

These are 5 essential things that you must remember when you go for selecting the right testing instrument for storing your samples. For more information about this product, you can consult with us. We at Presto have an active team of technical support members that will solve all your product-related queries and can guide you with the right information about the product.

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