Top Load Testing for PET Bottles

Top Load Testing for PET Bottles

PET bottles are replacing other forms of packaging like glass and cans. Due to cost-effectiveness and reliable nature of PET products, they can be easily used for long transits and tough storage conditions. In fact, for commercial packaging as well, they are becoming the preferred choice. Naturally, they have strong molecular structure and to make their strength according to the industrial application, they undergo different types of testing procedures. 

Presto offers a wide range of testing instruments that are used for making PET bottles more reliable. Some common testing machines are; bottle burst tester, vacuum leak tester, polariscope, top load tester.
There is one common test, that is performed in almost every bottle manufacturing industry and i.e. top-load testing. This test is important to perform to ascertain the strength bearing capacity during bottling, storing and transiting stages.  

How to Perform Top load test?

This is a destructive form of test and performed on a sampled bottle. A load is applied from the top of the bottle until it develops buckling or any other deformity. The load starts to increase at first and starts to decrease suddenly after buckling appears. Because now less force is required to deform the structure further. When the force starts to decrease, the test is stopped, and the peak value is noted that appears on the screen. 
Apart from this, creep test can also be performed on the bottles to analyse for how long a bottle can sustain a load without deforming. This is usually important to analyse the performance of the bottle in warehousing conditions. 


So, you have started the mass production, before analysing the top load capacity of the bottles. This is not necessary but possibly might fail at different stages of product life cycle. The result is, increased the cost of wastage, increased rejection rate and time wastage. And the costliest of them all is earning a bad reputation among clients. This all is too much to afford. This is why the quality check is essential at every stage of production. 
Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of top load tester and PET testing machines. Below are the features of this machine. For more information, contact our experts. 
This equipment is used for the evaluation of stacking load-bearing capacity up to 100kgf
Auto stops at home position once the test cycle is over.
The device is equipped with latest HMI touchscreen for excellent system control
It comes with USB interface for data storing


To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at

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