TP 110 - Best Pharmaceutical Pressed Powder Plaques Color Measurement Instrument

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Pharmaceutical pressed powders plaques are commonly used in the development of various types of capsules, medicines, gel caps to pills using the process of compounding and also provided to the patients as soluble powders. Whether you are testing the colors of phosphate or hydro bromide, Presto is always there to provide best color measurement solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Many of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products rely on the color measurement solutions to measure the colors of the raw materials that are used to manufacture the final product. In many cases, mixtures of these powder plaques and drugs are converted in the form of caplets, capsules, creams and another form of medicinal products that are pressed in the form of plaques for measuring the colors of the materials before the final processing to ensure the consistency of the lots and batches.

Versatile Solutions to Measure the Color of Pharmaceutical Powders

Presto, a renowned supplier of color measurement devices, offers a wide variety of portable devices that are versatile enough to provide highly effective application of color measurement. However, on the basis of the years of experience and by thoroughly understanding the need of the customers, these instruments are designed mainly to fulfill the requirements of the industrial applications.

If you are not sure that which instrument is appropriate for your samples, you can contact the experts at Presto and we will happily assist you in making the selection of best testing machine.

Solution by Presto for Pharmaceutical Pressed Powder Plaques color measurement

The best portable solution offered by Presto for Pharmaceutical Pressed Powder Plaques color measurement is TP 110 precision color measurement instrument. The instrument offers highly precise and accurate results.

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