Laboratory Freezers for Preserving Chemicals


To fulfill the requirements of engineering and microbiology laboratories, manufacturers often need a high-quality of Ultra–Low Deep Freezer in order to preserve the chemical samples for a long period of time. This testing equipment is used for the various purpose in medical laboratories, to perform biological tests and to preserve the specimens. It is used constantly to store the chemical and biological samples. The instrument tests the material at a very low temperature which is mandatory in few industries prior the beginning of manufacturing procedures.

The machine is efficient for microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and engineering laboratories. 


Presto, one of the renowned manufacturers in the world of testing instruments, offers a wide range of Ultra-low deep freezers with different capacities and different temperature settings as per the requirements of the customers. The instrument is capable enough of maintaining the time and temperature as per different requirements of different test applications.

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Testing Procedure

To start the testing procedure with Ultra Low Deep Freezers, time and temperature must be set as per test sample. Testing Device determines a suitable procedure to test the samples at a very low temperature. The freezer has maintenance potential, thus provides exact and precise test results with accurate temperature control. The device simplifies the procedures for sample preservation and provides the accurate test results.

Advance Features of Presto’s Ultra-Low Deep Freezers

The testing equipment has both CFC-free refrigerants and air-cooled compressors for a constant flow and efficient cooling in the chamber. The high capacity air-cooled condensers are incorporated into a washable condense filter to ensure high capacity cooling. The aerodynamics fan provides a dust free environment maintaining proper cooling. The thick polyurethane insulation provides the maximum cooling effect.

This is the best deep freezer finished in autumn grey and blue combination painting and with the addition of bright chrome or zinc plating to divulge a corrosion resistant finish. Presto supplies the testing equipment with an instruction manual, calibration certificate, and electrical wiring diagram.

Key Features:

Temperature control through PT-100 sensor

Highly accurate test results under uniform cooling temperatures in the chamber

High Grade imported PUF insulation equipped

Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means

Bright LED display along with Feather touch controls

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