Understand the Role of Muffle Furnace in Quality Testing

Understand the Role of Muffle Furnace in Quality Testing
On a particular day, there are bulk of products which are produced. These products are manufactured using both organic and may be inorganic components both at one time. In this case, the material has both things mixed inside some part of organic and some part of the inorganic material. This composition is very critical. It important to note that how much amount of its part if organic and how much is inorganic. Why is this important? Well, you need to understand that when one product is constituted using one or other material, one has to be very careful that it is in the fixed quantity or it can affect the quality or properties of that product. Hence it is very important to note that quantity of material composition. One of the most problematic issues faced by today’s industry is that the quantity of the inorganic substance in a particular product if not as per the given standards then it will for sure create an issue. Therefore, it is of major importance to conduct a test which can accurately tell you the amount of inorganic substance in a material. In this blog section, we will put more efforts on understanding the Muffle-Furnace and its role in generating the quantification of inorganic substance

The testing method

The specimen which is to be tested is kept inside a crucible cup which is delivered with the machine itself. The sample cup is then placed inside the chamber and the operator after closing the door firmly can control and manage the heat and time. After the test ends on can know the inorganic substance quantity by weighing the sample. One has to must weigh it before the combustion of organic matter. This difference specified in the matter weight is your quantity of the inorganic substance.
Presto brings you a digitally advanced model of Muffle furnace offering high-quality performance with latest features. It offers strict insulation from inside to avoid the heat loss and which results in proper combustion of the organic matter faster.
The j-type sensor is equipped for highly accurate temperature sensing. The temperature inside is uniform at every single section of the chamber for even heating and combustion of matter. There is highly accurate PID Control setup for managing the temperature. The glass wool insulation blanket which is placed inside the chamber on its wall are imported part and is of high-grade density. Due to this level of thermal efficiency the machine is considered best of all.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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